Mafana Kids

Mafana Kids was Mafana’s first children’s wear brand which was launched in the UK in 2008. Its purpose was to improve the lives of people living in poverty in Madagascar by providing regular work at fair reward. Mafana Kids celebrates the highly skilled artisans in Madagascar whose smocking, cross stitch, embroidery and hand knotting has been highly regarded by many industry insiders. Skill sets are passed down from one generation to the next. To find out more about the fair trade standards we adhere to for Mafana Kids please click here

Mafana Kids operates on a short order basis meaning we carry stock all year providing you the retailer with flexibility on your ordering process. New designs are released each season with non seasonal ranges including new born, pyjamas, bedding sets and rompers/ bubbles. Mafana Kids caters for boys and girls in the age range 0 – 8 years and is both traditional and design led to suit a variety of markets This traditional style has also been seen on Prince George wearing a similar designer romper we produce click here for more info on this click here.

By buying or selling Mafana Kids products you are directly contributing to both humanitarian and environmental projects in Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world. For more information please click here.

To view the latest Mafana Kids collection click here