National Children’s Wear Association

Mafana is proud members of the National Children's Wear Association (NCWA) which works on behalf of the whole of the children’s wear industry. It is committed to helping its members build their businesses and ensures that their voices are heard. From giving expert advice to saving its members money, from lobbying on the industry’s behalf to running briefings on all aspects of children’s wear, the NCWA sits at the heart of the sector. Established almost 70 years ago, the NCWA works with all levels of the children’s wear market. Its members include retailers, agents, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers. Associate membership is available to non-UK based organisations.

The Association campaigns strenuously on behalf of its members - the most notable fight has been to maintain the zero rate of VAT on children’s wear, a battle it is still winning. But it also has a personal side - the NCWA team is always on hand to give advice or make introductions.

And meetings and events are a great time for members to meet each other and share their experiences. The NCWA is governed by a very active, 18 strong Council of Management. Elected annually by the members, it is made up of six agents, six retailers and six manufacturers. The current chairman is Sharon Beardsworth of Emile et Rose.

For more information please visit the NCWA’s website: